Embassy of India, Housing Unit Stormstraße 10, 10555 Berlin - Charlottenburg Orientation and Integration The site of the planned building is located in the „better part“ of Berlin-Charlottenburg, in Stormstraße with an East-West-Orientation. On the West side is the Stormstraße with the entrance for pedestrians, cars and the trucks of the fire department. On the East side is a lush garden. Architectural concept The Solitary Building is in line with the neighbouring building as requested by the City Planing Department. However, two bay windows stick out of the building line and two corner windows with no frame at the corner allow an extended view into the surrounding location. The entrance to the building is on the North side and is covered by an entrance roof protecting the entrance against heavy rain. A traditional Indian ornament separates the private garden from the public. A ramp provides access to the parking garage. From the basement up to the apartments each resident has to pass the smoke corridor and has the choice of walking either by the stairs or taking the elevator. The staircase is illuminated by day light. Lobby and Recreation Room are located next to the stair case. Laundry room and fitness room are open to all residents. A rear exit leads to the garden and to the terrace. Apartments are divided into a public and a private zone. In the core of each apartment one can find the bath rooms. To make sure that the requested apartment sizes are met, we had to design split level apartments within level 4 and Level 5. All apartments have either a balcony, a terrace or access to the garden. The roof top is protected by a green roof to improve the micro climate. Different colour choices differentiate the facade according to the massing.

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