Mix Use Complex, Lützowüfer

Lützowüfer 6, 10, 12, 13, 10785 Berlin - Tiergarten


Integration in the existing city block


Taking in consideration the unusual shape of the plot, and the position of the existing buildings we decided to make a clear division of office and apartment spaces. Therefore the Mix use complex comprises of three buildings. Two buildings with street façades contain office spaces while the courtyard building, surrounded by greenery, is conceived as luxury   apartments building. This separation is also clearly visible through choice of facade materials and building shapes. All of the necessary parking places are placed in two separate underground garages.


Office Buildings


The two office buildings are conceived as in-fills in the exiting city block. In that way we achieved a continuous street facade of the whole city block. Floor to floor glass surfaces enable light to get deeply into the buildings, and the separations on the facade enable flexible organisation and division of office spaces.


Apartment Buildings


The ground-floor apartments are large two side oriented apartments with private gardens with terraces. Higher stories also hold two side oriented apartments with large glazed surfaces, balconies and loggias. Altogether, building has gross area of app. 3,000 m2. The facade is made of red brick, which is accentuated with large glass-elements on the balconies and windows.