Housing project on


Berlin Pankow - Prenzlauer Berg


Redevelopment of Michelangelostraße includes densifying the existing structure of the neighbourhood on the north side of the street. This is done by erecting new, smaller residential buildings in between the already existing social housing building. This is done in such way that existing large green surfaces are preserved. On the south side of the Michelanogelostraße existing parking area is replaced by a series of housing blocks, commercial spaces, educational and sports facilities. This assemble follows the structure of neighbouring areas, so it starts with a high-rise building on the west side and then changes to a block typology to end again with a more porous structure.


North and south side of the street are connected with two “buckles” ; a pedestrian area on the east side and a garden area on the west side. By slowing down traffic and giving pedestrians an advantage at these points both sides of Michelangelostraße are connected and act as one neighbourhood.