Elemetary School Wiesloch

69168 Wiesloch


According to competition propositions new school was to be built as part of already existing school campus. The school had to combine functions of existing school building which is to be demolished  and those of a completely new school (Gemeinschaftsschule). Shape of the site and the position of existing buildings caused an L shaped form of the building which encloses an inner courtyard and creates a new “campus” facade along the Gerbersruhstraße on the south.


Three storey, L shaped, form also allows a clear distribution of spaces. Classrooms from the demolished building (Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc.) are organized in a line with south orientation and single double height access corridor on the north. The new school (Gemeinschaftsschule) is set in the east part of the building  and is divided into two clusters of classrooms (one on each of the upper floors) with a common space and a garden in the middle. Ground floor contains a large lobby, administration and spaces for meeting and socializing with the exemption of library which is separated from the other functions and set next to the entrance to the inner courtyard so it can function independently and serve the whole campus.