Student Housing "Studinest"

Vögenstr. 9, Hansestadt, Rostock


Urban concept and development


With this concept, the building complex is developed in order to meet the aesthetic, technical, functional, ecological, economic and social quality standards.


The solitaires given by the development plan dis-solve the block structure in "Vögenstraße" in order to convert the building open areas of green space at the "Schröderstraße" in the plan area and a public connection and to enable a visual relationship between the "Augst-Bebel-Straße" to the ramparts.The underpass through a tunnel under the "Schröderstraße" opens into the access area of a newly created space between the two solitaires. Thus the identity of the place is preserved and delivered to a newly created opening function. From the pedestrianized "Vögenstraße" this pedestrian-friendly development space for the structure D2 is barrier-free, so that, in case of fire, the barrier-free Firemen circulation is also guaranteed. All other Firemen set-up areas are located on the public roads.