Extension District Museum Syke

Herrlichkeit 65, Syke, Diepholz


Urban concept and development


This concept is intended to arrest the existing building semble in such a way that it integrates itself in the restrained manner as harmoniously as possible into the building and landscape structure. Thus, functional, technical, aesthetic, ecological and economic quality requirements can be fulfilled.


The newly built extension is nestled on the western side of the exhibition building built in 1980 and, on one hand, continues to provide a view of the northern Krendel forest on the south side of the souterraing floor and, on the other, guarantees the natural exposure of the northern facade of the existing building. At the intersection between the existing building and the newly built extension, the steel-outer-stepped construction is dismantled and replaced by a staircase and an elevator as a barrier-free connection to the basement and to the adjacent upper floor of the children's museum.