Baghdad Design Center Rashid Street, Baghdad, Iraq Surrounded by other internationally perceptive cultural buildings, the Baghdad Design Center will also be perceived internationally. As a result, the facade elements of the building remaining after its destruction will be rounded off with new, modern, unobtrusive facade elements as an expression of its historical integration. As an inviting gesture, the entrance area will be opened towards the street with a new diagonal wall to enlarge the assembly area and integrate the temporary market. The historical entrance is to be used as an exit to separate streams of visitors. The use of the basement areas corresponds to the vernacular-traditional technique of retreating from the heat into the cooler zones. The public meeting place in the courtyard area is to be preserved as a *Hosh. The steps for access to different levels invite visitors to linger and interact as seats. Two reflection pools that can be closed at events take up the tradition of improving the micro-climate and create lively light-shadow variations on the surfaces of the rooms below through the glazed flooring in the area of the upper pool, a perforated outer wall contributes to air circulation. The play of light and shadow in the two pools is complemented by an intricate mesh structure in the roof area, the shell of which can be opened and closed upwards. Sky bridges connect the two wings and complement the historical architecture with modern elements. On the top level, a lounge offers views over the Baghdadi Cultural Center to the river Tigris.

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