New Construction of Loft-

Apartment Buildings with Stores

Pestalozzistraße 45-46, 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg


To repair the former wasteland in Berlin and repairing the District of Charlottenburg, the property shall contain on 7-story, front facing building and two garden-sided 4-story urban villas with a shared subterranean garage. The ground floor of the front-sided building contains stores and the entrance, higher floors will be used for apartments. Both Maisonette apartments will have a generous 2-story plenum, connected through a steel- staircase with maple-wood steps. Both bedrooms in the top storey are connected through a steel-glass-bridge.


The ground-floor apartments in both urban villas, in addition to the half-private gardens, have private gardens with terraces. Here also both stories are connected by a staircase with maple-wood steps through a two-story plenum. The higher stories hold 2 apartments each. Altogether, there are 19 apartments in three buildings. The facade is made of red brick, which is accentuated with glass-elements at the staircases.


Health, ecology and heating


Exclusively harmless to health materials are used in order to guarantee the inhabitant’s health. Lime-sand brick and solvent-free parquet woods offer comfort. Solar-collectors on the roof support the hot-water supply, the heating is optimized by condensing heating technology. The ramp of the subterranean garage diverts rainwater into the canalization.