New Carriage House Bizetstraße 54, 13088 Berlin-Weißensee The two-storey building is located in Pankow district in Berlin. The court garden at this address falls on Weißensee area. The new building is actually based on the peripheral and the ruined condition of an existing building. One part of the two L-shaped building sides has one level and the two-storey cube part comes with a terrace. In order to improve its micro-climate, the rooftop is extensively greened. The two solid building parts are freshly interpreted, through the perforated façade, with a vertical window outline representing the character of this industrial building. The building is used for residence, with a studio. The resident and the visitors can access the building through the yard at the location of Bizetstraße 54. The internal access is through the foyer on both levels, as well as one access staircase, which leads to the upper level. In the garden area, near the terrace and the lawn, there is a children’s playground, and on the opposite side is the garbage dump. The existed, formerly used, front garden in front of the building is once again introduced. Health, Ecology and Heating With the health of the residents and the users in mind, only hygienic, harmless building materials are used. Lime sand stones, bricks, dissolving and formaldehyde-free wood, together with bamboo flooring make the comfort of living possible. The heating of the rooms is provided by a gas and radiant heating system. The reversion of the cooling effect of the system is also planned. The rainwater is taken care of by a drainage system in the garden and a localized infiltration facility.

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