Low Cost Housing

Allee der Kosmonauten 21b, 10315 Berlin - Lichtenberg




The planned low-cost housing project is set in a green area of Berlin Lichtenberg. The building itself is  positioned in the corner of the building plot, in between the existing apartment building on one side and protected forest on the other.


The clients wish was to create a building with small, affordable apartments for rent (mostly to students).Having that in mind we designed a building that consists only of 50 m2 apartments that are two-side orientated and have a loggia. Large green areas surrounding the building ensure a quiet  and relaxing atmosphere and a lot of space for sports and recreation.


The building is entirely built from affordable materials in order to minimize the building costs. Façades are simple and consist of base volume and top, neutral volume which is “brought to life” with the colourful loggias on main façades.