Apartment Building

Roelckestraße 27, 13086 Berlin - Pankow


The purpose of this project was to create affordable, partially barrier-free living space. This is achieved by “urban repair”, closing an empty lot with 5-story building, a garden and a smaller single story building in the back. Ground story apartment is planned as barrier-free with a small private garden on the east side of the building. Apartments on the upper floors range from 70 m2 to 100 m2 all with balconies, loggias or terraces.  In order to create an interesting street facade, window and shading/ventilation elements are distributed in a simple but playful pattern that corresponds with the interior. To ensure the cost-effectiveness both buildings are planned without a basement. All the common utility spaces are put in the ground floor. The building is to be built with affordable building materials in order to keep the costs as low as possible and enable affordable rents for the future residents.