New Commercial Hall Building

Parkallee 7, 14974 Genshagen


The building site area amounts to 21,204 sq. with a ground area of 7,076 sq. and a floor area of 9,471 sq. and a gross space volume of 44,699 cbm. In accordance with the development plan standards, the dual-functional building structure, with the representative administrative area development, orients itself to the accessible streets of Parkallee and Seestraße. At the intersection of these two streets, there is a roundabout. The circular traffic redirection architecturally reflects the cylindrical corner formation of the administration tract, which incorporates as a joint between the two administration sides of the entrance area.


Over the entrance area, there are two additional floors. One will be the reception area and office room, and the upstairs third staggered storey will be an exhibition gallery and used as an emergency escape route over the top floor. At this point, the cylindrical building structure penetration, with the closure of the circle, is initially visible as a cylinder. The three hall parts are north-western oriented, and are connected behind the two administration sides, with one cost-reducing building system. At the rear side, the “saw tooth ramps” ensure the optimal docking by effectively utilizing the building site area.