New District Court

Johann Roithner-Straße 8, 4050 Traun, Austria


From the street side, pedestrians access the building through the foyer, while vehicles enter the 9 parking spaces in the garden through the adjacent entrance. Additionally, there are 31 parking spaces in the subterranean garage between the ramp and staircase / elevators. Distributing the buildings, so that the garden is left unseparated provides the maximal space


The transparent foyer is framed by two compartmentalized buildings, contrasting the foyer’s lightness with their heavy façades of polished concrete, representing solidity and security. Between the two buildings, there is a full-glass setback, connecting them both visually and practically.


The office departments are placed between the judge-rooms and judicature rooms. Entrance and execution department lie in the ground-floor. The courtrooms are found in the second floor exclusively. Due to fire-safety-regulations, all courtrooms are separated by firewalls. An open waiting area is placed in front of the courtrooms.