Conversion of Kaiser-Wilhelm-

Block to Townhouse Complex

Pappelallee / Ruinenbergstraße, 14469 Potsdam


Building Site


The approximately 26,000 sq. site was once the ruins of Ruinenbergkasernen, and is located in the immediate vicinity from the extensive Sanssouci Palace Park grounds. It is to be converted to “ King Wilhelm-Block, Living on Imperial Equestrian Course”. The planned area is therefore confined to the heritage-protected guard residence square in the south, the Pappelallee in the north, the park-like established green setting in the east and west.




The main access is found through the extension of the new Schmiedegasse built in 2006 and within the land through the Kurt-von-Plettenberg-Straße built in 2007 in the south. One walking route to Pappelallee, and an existing bus-stop as a connection to the public local traffic are already given.


Building Structure


The former equestrian hall is to be modernized within the general framework of “King-Wilhelm-Block, Living on Imperial Equestrian Course”, and will be converted into a 3-storey town-house complex. The redevelopment and modernizing measures are of heritage-preservation standards, respectively subject to restrictions.