Office and Commercial Building Rathausstraße 1, A-1010 Wien Urban integration First two floors of the building maintain the street line on which the existing building was built in order to ensure the unobstructed pedestrian access. The ramp for the underground garage is completely set inside of the building, so that the perimeter encircling the building is left to the pedestrians and cyclists. The existing building entrance between Stadiongasse and Doblhoffgasse will not be changed and the pedestrian access from Rathausstraße will be enhanced. While the first two floors keep the line of the existing building, the facade of the main volume is aligned with adjacent buildings. In this way both systems are harmonised and, the gross surface area is maximized. Height of the new building is in line with the surrounding buildings. The top floor is smaller than the rest and is encircled by a large terrace. Architectural Integration Facade of the base part is covered with grey stone, and the main volume is covered with natural stone plates. Entrance to the office part of the building is ensured through a double height foyer that is connected to the light bays in the centre of the building. Light bays allow air circulation and illumination for office spaces and vertical communications set around the light bays. Since reception desks are set inside the light bays, it is easy to control and monitor the access to the staircases and elevators. Glazing of the elevators, corridors and the mentioned light bays enable offices to have a visual connection to the lobby and allow visitors to perceive the complete building from the lobby.

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