Office founder, Hans Gerhard Kauschke, currently works along side with 5 to 12 staff in Berlin for various building projects on the implementation of all 9 planning and construction phases. With the help of CAD and AVA programs, and having 29-year experience in designing, planning and construction management, the office concentrates on cost-reducing through prefabricated-material, building-physics-possible and constructively-proven solutions, so that the conceptual style can be carried out in full details. As for materiality, there are no philosophical restrictions.    However, while taking the urban-planning situation and vernacular architecture into consideration, in all construction tasks, the office utilizes all materials and techniques, which represent and respect the functionalities, economical and ecological parameters of the aesthetic or cultural demands of the locality. Meanwhile, a careful urban regeneration, the representation and facility-management of the client, in all residential, social, healthcare, managing, trade and industrial construction projects, are all most widely taken care of. Clear, regulatory and also innovative approaches with the floor plans support these demands.