Redevelopment of an

Apartment Building

Gaillardstraße 22, 13187 Berlin-Pankow


The property of 736 m² contains an old front-facing house and an old side-house. Both parts of the building have a full size underground level and contain 4 stories each, including 11 units in the front-, such as 8 units in the side-house


Both buildings are accessible through a staircase. A passage to the backyard leads through the front-facing building, which is used as an entrance to the side- house. In the eastern and western part of the property, there are small gardens. The rest of the property is sealed and contains three garages.


Missing Balconies are constructed at the street-facing facade, the current loggias are being renovated. New balconies are placed at the eastern facade, facing the garden. Terraces will be added to the ground-floor apartments.