New Orthopaedics Clinic with Workshop for Disabled Seestraße 4, 14974 Genshagen In order to ensure the most possible transparent visual reference, the south-western façade area is with a large glazed portion, and due to the climate reasons, the northern area gets closed-up. As a symbolization of the orthopaedic branch, the north-western weather-proof façade is angled. Corresponding to its dual functions, the building structure is divided into two parts. In doing so, the wheelchair-friendly accessible entrance-, exhibition-, testing- and office- area is oriented towards the lake, the architecturally less-costly and less-complex workshop and storage area is oriented towards the street, and the social-, break- and technique-room is oriented as the connection in between. The architecture illustrates the urban-planning concept. For that reason, the separation of the two urban-planning-defined building structures is articulated on the façade. For the articulation of this separation, the entrance-, exhibition-, testing- and office-area, with a clinkered façade, is designed as more costly than the light-metal-corrugated-disguised façade in the workshop- and-supporting area.

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