Professional Experience • To presentHaving an architect’s office with 3 to 12 staff in Berlin, we design for you apartments, hotels, holiday resorts, kindergartens, schools and school country retreats, student residences, senior citizen residences, hospitals, healthcare facilities, religious buildings, office, commercial and industrial buildings, taking on new, modernization, redevelopment and renovation projects in Berlin, in Germany and overseas. • Until October 1994Having established an architect-partnership with 2 partners, and 2 to 8 staff in Berlin, and having an associated office in London taking care of apartment, office, school, commercial and industrial building projects. • Until December 1991Lecturer for unemployed academics from the new eastern states of Germany in Academic Media Design, teaching computer-assisted drafting and working drawings, and computer-network integration. • Until December 1990Freelance architect in Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Tokyo, acquisition-, computer-, drafting-and presentation-consultation for architecture and designing offices, on process of operation and in accordance with §15 HOAI Phase 1 to 3 of 7,000 m² and of 87,000 m²- sized office building. Reference: JSK, Frankfurt. Data gathering and consulting for acquisition and presentation in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Aukland and Bangkok (Australasia). Reference: ad-media, Tokyo. • Until April 1989Freelance and employed architect in San Francisco, designing, detailing and drafting of construction drawings through integration of a CAD-System and the setup of an electronic library for the details of a shopping centre in San Pablo, California (8.12 ha, 19,600 m² in concrete slabs, $7.50 Mill.) drafting of construction drawings for a further shopping centre in Irvine, California ( 33,000 m² in timber construction, $14.50 Mill.) Reference: Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons, San Francisco. • Until September 1988Freelance and employed architect in San Francisco, project management, administration, preliminary drafting, draft detailing and presentation for 11 single-family-dwellings in Vancouver, BC, Canada (3,890 m² in timber construction, $3.50 Mill.)Under the direction of one project manager in the team, drafting working drawings and presentations for mix-used projects with 119 social housing apartments for single mothers, with a 1,220 m² sales area and a 2-storey underground car park in Oakland, California (19,200 m², $14.20 Mill.) Preliminary drafting, draft detailing and presentation for a building proposal of 20 single-family-dwellings in Daly City, California (3,768 m², $2.65 Mill.) Further office duties: Public Relations work. Reference: Donald MacDonald Architects, FAIA, San Francisco • Until July 1987Founding of a publishing company to publish an American Architecture Reference Guide and developing of the business and marketing strategy, supporting 12 staff, Reference: Arch-Book       • Until April 1986Employed architect in San Francisco, project management, design development and working drawings for a single-family-dwelling in Lafayette, California (480 m², $0.43 Mill.) Under the direction of one project manager in a team responsible for parts of the preliminary design, working and detailing drawings, directing the model building team, presentation drawings for a mix-used project of 200 senior citizen homes and 200 apartments with 17,000 m² sales area and office area and one public transport station in Redwood City, California ($50 Mill.) Employed and under the direction of a designing architect, co-developed the preliminary design and presentation drawings for one shopping centre in San Leandro, California (9,000 m², $5.40 Mill.) Reference: Edward J. Gee & Associates, San Francisco. Working for Ace Designing Co., consulting for several architect offices, working on a freelance job, partially designing a hospital, a hotel and local residence houses (until 1989) Reference: Ace Designing Co., San Francisco. • Until April 1985Preliminary design, design, working drawings, specifications and preparing the tender documents for one single-family-dwelling in Brentwood, California (130 m², $0.12 Mill.) Reference: Mr. Walter Thomas Brooks, Architect, Berkeley. • Until October 1984 Taking part in the drawing of working drawings of a 36-storey apartment building with hotel, restaurants and shops in New York. Reference: Frank Williams, Liu & Associates, New York. •Until February 1984Preliminary designing, designing, drafting detail and working drawings of a 45 two-storey-apartment building in Berlin (7,000 m², DM 15 Mill.) Reference: Mr. Dipl-Ing. Dietrich Bauwitz, Architect, Berlin. •Until August 1983Assisting as a student aide in various architect offices in Berlin and as a tutor for Prof. Axel Busch at HdK-Berlin. •Until March 1980Designing, working drawings, tendering, construction management and partial self-construction of a single-family-dwelling house in Bremen •Until March 1977Student aide in various architect offices in Bremen •Invited & Public Competitions21 Competitions, 2 First Prizes, 1 Purchase, 2 Exhibition Participations, 1 Nomination for the DEUBAU-Prize, 1 time Special Tour, 1 time Third Tour, 3 times Second Tour. •Exhibitions2 Exhibitions • PublicationsMore than 20 publications in German and English specialist press about architecture, theory, ecology and use of computers in daily planning. University Degrees: •August 1983Dip. in Engineering, (Master)(Overall mark: Highest Distinction, University of Arts, Berlin) •March 1980Architect (Bachelor) (Overall mark: Highest Distinction, University of Arts, Berlin) •March 1977Interim Examination Degree(Overall Mark: Distinction, College of Technology, Bremen)